celebrity mom style crush: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Boots+Flat+Boots+ZWzsCTWXNZHl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Boots+Mid+Calf+Boots+ABZA2hGxOc5l Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Bowler+Bags+Leather+Bowler+aJtg3D8vClLl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Bracelets+Cuff+Bracelet+HrqKeERjDkcl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Clutches+Envelope+Clutch+i2hf902GvSml Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Beaded+IgeNvU-nwjNl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Day+Dress+LSs9c46Q_nFl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Evening+2qpi-tVsvvpl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Evening+bPk0nx6aY44l Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Long+Skirt+bssjtnfD3t1l Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Maxi+Dress+IidKbIwwV2bl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Print+4naNn0LtsuXl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Dresses+Skirts+Print+IWOIXTvzGGel Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Flats+Ballet+Flats+3x3l3r8liGXl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Flats+Ballet+Flats+Dj9K_H_fCYQl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Flats+Ballet+Flats+FwIkGm0JA8El Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Flats+Ballet+Flats+LdJ04LQ1FWyl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Heels+Evening+Pumps+CCm3Xbm7TBfl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Heels+Evening+Pumps+yRhRb-xXRsql Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Heels+Strappy+Sandals+YGJTqcxfZP-l Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Jeans+Boyfriend+Jeans+RjS-D86U1XEl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Jeans+Capri+Jeans+gnE8XAigrQal Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Long+Hairstyles+Layered+hShx5ubZXqrl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Long+Hairstyles+Long+FdrMHbE55E5l Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Rh9_pLM3SWql Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Makeup+Pink+Lipstick+o4bqZB6KcKRl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Outerwear+Blazer+Vcx4v8P2jRJl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Outerwear+Duster+0rEjUlOTfdgl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Outerwear+Leather+Jacket+ENY9k-ZuzYgl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Outerwear+Military+Jacket+dquDgThrlaul Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Outerwear+Wool+Coat+I6UezkaZu0Sl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Pants+Shorts+Cargo+Pants+DpnHqfZO1POl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Suits+Jumpsuit+5C5yo5_oWLOl Sarah+Jessica+Parker+Updos+Messy+Updo+6WKgOumBeoSl sjpFur

Hollywood mommies are always fabulous on- and off the red carpet. The one style star that I’ve always been drawn to and admire is the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker. These are some of my favorite images of her running around NYC w/her tots.

She’s always fun to see in magazines and TV / shows / movies. I love her, I think she’s a delight. To me she’s one of a kind and I’m incredibly inspired by her work, her parenting style and, of course, her fashion sense. And she’s ever so humble about her life, which is refreshing because after all she’s just a gal from the Midwest, just like me.

Who’s your celebrity style crush?


5 Responses to “celebrity mom style crush: Sarah Jessica Parker”

  1. caroline1t

    I love her. She’s just fabulous. Here’s the cool part, when she was young and dancing my dance teacher who used to dance with the Joffrey Ballet knew her! They used to yell at her all the time because apparently SJP was super hyper.

    • Glor

      Omg, that’s hilarious and sounds like she was a hyper child! Love this story, small world. Degrees of separation is so small!



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