Fashion: Linen & Leather Moto Jacket


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Hello doll faces,

You know Thursday is one of those days where it’s not hump day and yet not a Friday. I didn’t really know what to wear today, especially after yesterday’s outfit. But, I knew I wanted something comfy + chic + structured. So I threw on this New York and Company moto linen jacket with leather collar and lapels. I believe they have it is different colors, Sapphire.

My harem pants are from a London clothing line, Profile Clothing. This is super old but always a nice go-to piece when I don’t want to get super dressy.

I hope you all had a productive and sunny day! Friday / long Labor Day weekend (U.S.) is just around the corner, and I’m contemplating what FUN to get into. What should I do with the LO?

Xxg ✌ 💕 💋

Your Morning Cup of Fashion Inspiration


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GM lovelies!

Here’s a glimpse of what the locals are wearing at Stockholm Fashion Week.

I absolutely love neutrals–it’s clean + chic + sophisticated. Everything in this photo speaks to my personal style. How about you?

Happy Thursday, stay fashionable!


[Photo via @camtyox / Instagram]

Happy Weekend!


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Hello weekenders!

Who’s doing the happy dance right now? And if you’re at happy hour, you’re definitely doing the happy, happy dance because it’s FRIDAY!

My weekend is already looking gorgeous in different shades of pink and off to a fantastic start!

Happy weekend, weekenders! Turn Up, way UP!

Xxg ✌ 💕
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Skirt Dress


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Hello Dolls! I can’t believe it almost (*eye roll*) the end of summer. Like, seriously, where did the last couple of months go, huh? I meeeeaaaaannnnn….it’s like almost Labor Day weekend! Speaking of which, I cannot believe I shot these earlier in July (I mean if that doesn’t tell you how busy I have been, I don’t know what will).

I guess you can think of this post as a double Flashback Friday-type of post. For one, it was shot in July, as I mentioned previously, and two, I’m posting on a Friday and it just happened to be flashback . Lol…

Anyways, this is an old H&M maxi skirt that I purchased a few years back. I love this skirt because, well, I can wear it as a dress. Lol, I mean isn’t that what fashion + personal style is all about–versatility! I can wear with heels, flats, a floral silk kimono, or as is….to me, it’s just so perfect to throw on when I’m having a fat day and need something comfy…yet, if I need to wear a full skirt for work, I can just throw on a fitted top and blazer!

I have several key projects at work and have been keeping busy, so until next time, loves! xoxo | TGIF





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